Life Story Work

Life Story work is an adaptation of Memory Book and a particularly relevant and useful way to work with young people in secondary schools.

Many young people in Uganda have experienced bereavement at an early age or have been abandonned by a parent. Some have been forced to flee either from their region or from a neighboring country due to civil unrest or ethnic violence.  Many as a result have experienced a variety of traumas on top of extreme poverty, interrupted education, health and psychological problems.

Life story work offers an opportunity for young people to review their early years, and record their past and present life experiences. It allows them to have a voice, to record their views, their aspirations, their values and hopes and to develop a sense of self -dentity that will provide them with integrity and hope for the future.

In February 2014, Lois and her son Lindsay who is a professional graphic artist returned to Lakeview High School in Entebbe to facilitate a three-day workshop for 20 senior 4 and senior 6 pupils. They were joined by 10 young people from Mindset, Entebbe - a vocational training institute.

Each young person, over the course of the three days, wrote their individual life story. The pages of writing and drawing were stapled into covers decorated by each participant. The books, with plenty of blank sheets included, will provide an ongoing journal for each young person. The workshop was much enjoyed and provoked a lot of interesting discussion - particularly about relationships between young men and women in Uganda.