EHT Uganda is happy to share links with the following NGOs.

These organisations work in Uganda to promote equality, human rights and education for all:

The Little People of Uganda
Little People of Uganda (LPU) is a non-profit making, self-help organization founded in 2007 to provide support and information to parents of children affected with dwarfism and  adult dwarfs – also referred to as the little people. We are especially keen to offer information and moral support to parents of children affected with dwarfism so that they can bring up children who are confident and who have high aspirations.

Uganda Humanist Schools Trust
UHST helps a number of schools in Uganda working to offer liberal, humanist education to needy children. Founded by Ugandan Humanists and run as charities, the schools are inclusive and do not discriminate on grounds of religion, social or ethnic background.


Suubi Centre is a community based development initiative situated in Lubanda village, Lwengo district south western Uganda. Suubi Centre promotes integrated & holistic development approaches geared at improving social- economic livelihoods of the people.

RAW [Resilient Aspiring Women]

Lois Pollock heard of RAW through an article about its founder, Mariam Issa, a Somali refugee living in Australia. The ethos of RAW accords strongly with much of the work that EHT supports in Uganda. In correspondence with Mariam, she told Lois that many of her family live in Uganda and she is hoping to introduce RAW in Uganda in 2015.  She and Lois are discussing ways in which they could collaborate on training.

Sister Schools

Sister Schools teaches compassion, service and social responsibility by partnering students in Washington State schools with children in Ugandan schools and orphanages.