In Uganda there are 61 infant deaths per every 1000 live births. Compare this to the UK & Australia, where it is just 5 / 1000.

In rural areas, only 54% of women give birth with a skilled attendant present. Poverty means infants and young children are frequently malnourished. There is a lack of information about basic health care - hand washing; clean water; adequate clean clothing and footwear; immunisation; protection against malaria.

Practical training in low-cost means of improving resources in a village, along with education about safe sex, reproduction and ante-natal care is supported through the Trust - with local trainers taking on a commitment to ongoing programs in rural communities.

We have an ongoing working relationship with Ojama village in north-eastern Uganda where Dr Denis Omiat and his wife Catherine Anyodi, supported financially by Lois Pollock, have built a medical centre. Ojama Medical Centre aims to build a maternity unit at the rear of the medical centre; when its plans are complete, the Trust will consider applications for financial support and offer advice to Denis and Catherine on potential donor opportunities to achieve this.  You can read about Ojama here.

You can read about our work on hygiene and HIV in Gunda Village, near Kampala - here.