How you can support EHT Uganda

The small scale work described on this website, mainly in remote areas of Uganda which get little attention from larger NGOs, has hitherto been carried out on a voluntary basis by Lois Pollock. Apart from ad-hoc contributions by a few well wishers, Lois has been self-funded and, inevitably, this limits what she can undertake.

Her style of responding to community needs with tailor-made workshops using basic resources has been proved to work. In order to sustain the existing projects and introduce some of it to other communities requires ongoing financial support.

To this end, the Education and Health Trust Uganda has been set up. The range of work and indications of what can be achieved at relatively low cost are reported on this website.  It is significant of the "value for money" of this work that a major cost of training work is the air fare from the UK.

The Trust is entirely dependent on financial donations to sustain the ongoing projects and consider applications from any new community projects within Uganda.

Use of Trust Funds  

At the discretion of the trustees travel and subsistence costs of people carrying out work on behalf of the Trust may be fully or partly refunded. All other funds will be devoted to directly supporting work which fits within the aims of the Trust – and as described on this website.

None of the Trustees (listed in the About section of this website) receives any remuneration for work undertaken on behalf of the Trust and administrative costs are virtually nil. That means that any money you give will be is given in its entirety to the projects in Uganda.  Accounts, which will be independently examined as required by law, will be published annually on this website.

How you can help 

Donations, large or small, will enable the Trust to continue and extend its work.  Although you may request that your donation goes to a specific project as described elsewhere on the website we should prefer that you merely indicated a preference (which we will normally honour) as circumstances may change and “unrestricted” donations give the Trustees freedom about how to use the money - to support on-going work or meet unpredicted costs as they arise.

One-off donations  You can make a one-off donation:
either by sending a cheque (made out to EHT Uganda) to our Treasurer, David Pollock, at 13 Dunsmure Road, London, N16 5PU
or by making a direct transfer to the Trust's bank account (details below) - this can be done online or in a branch of your bank
or by using your Charities Aid Foundation account if you have one.

Regular donations  Regular donations are particularly valuable as they give us some certainty in our planning. Please consider becoming a regular donor by way of a standing order to your bank.  A standing order form can be downloaded HERE: when you have completed it please send it to our treasurer, David Pollock, at 13 Dunsmure Road, London, N16 5PU.

Gift Aid  By whatever means you choose to donate, please complete a Gift Aid form if you are a UK basic rate tax payer.  You can download the Gift Aid form HERE. When you have signed it, please send it to our treasurer, David Pollock, at 13 Dunsmure Road, London, N16 5PU. 

Bank account and Trust registration

Our bank account is with the Cooperative Bank: 

     Account: Education and Health Trust Uganda
     Sort code: 08 92 99
     Account number: 65698839. 

The Trust is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (charity no. 1170680) and with HM Revenue and Customs for tax purposes (reference number EWO9876).


You can contact us at or by post at our registered address: 13 Dunsmure Road, London, N16 5PU.