TASO - The AIDS Support Organisation

Through a variety of programs TASO contributes to preventing HIV infection, restores hope and improves the quality of life of persons, families and communities affected by HIV infection and disease. It does this through individual and group counselling; through care which provides early diagnosis and treatment of opportunistic infections and importantly it enhances the chance of living positively and dying with dignity.


Lois Pollock writes: My personal experience of working with TASO has been to marvel at the consistently high calibre of staff intervention and encouragement of ordinary men and women living with HIV/AIDS – empowering them to live until they die. In 2007 I was privileged to work with TASO staff in the design of a training manual for working with adolescents affected by or infected with HIV, encouraging the development of peer support groups run by the youth themselves.

While facilitating a residential workshop for representatives of TASO branches from across the whole of Uganda I was able to spend much time addressing gender inequality which continues to be one of the drivers of the HIV pandemic in Uganda, with an urgently expressed need by the organisation to focus on that issue.

I have done several trainings at TASO's request with groups of HIV positive women and men to encourage them in starting small savings groups and in the development of small sustainable business projects.